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INS Coin is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain and has amazing automated features. INS is First of a kind token with THE REAL BLACK HOLE design that drastically keeps cutting down the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. Now, We combined that with an Advanced innovative Auto-Liquidity feature that increases the liquidity of the token rapidly. Then, We added a community growth pool feature so that there is enough available for taking care of Growth, marketing and branding to make sure INS keeps becoming popular and every holder make more profits. We also innovated & added a feature to distribute 2% of every transaction both ways (buy IN or Sell Out) to all the INS Holders. Wait thats not all, Finally, INS is decentralized on a scale which is not seen in any other tokens. Now, Combine all these features together and you have a superpower token like no other, The best part no one owns it but YOU as a COMMUNITY.


algorithm & Mechanism

THE REAL BLACK HOLE has over 50% of supply since launch. The REAL BLACK HOLE owned by no one is one of the wallet address that 2% of transactions are distributed to. As a result THE REAL BLACK HOLE is growing exponentially with each burn of the token supply. At the time of this writing, THE REAL BLACK HOLE has already grown to 52% percent of the total supply.

100% Secure

The Liquidity is fully locked in PancakeSwap and ownership of the contract has been renounced to the burn address.

Open Deployment

100% of the INS Coin supply was seeded into liquidity. That means no ICO, IDO or presale and no allocation to anyone.

Advanced Auto-Growth

2% of every transactions is distributed to holders aka "HodlReward". Watch the number of INS coins in your wallet increase the minute you begin holding.

100% Decentralized

INS Coin is community Owned, managed and Led by volunteers, as 100% of the supply was seeded into liquidity & ownership was renounced to burn address .

Constant Rising Price

4% of every transaction goes into forever locked liquidity in the PancakeSwap INS/BNB pool, gives it a constant rising price.

Anti-Whale Safety

No transaction can go over 5 trillion tokens at once.


Parallel Project

INS Coin's Devlopment Team has already completed 90% of the parallel project which will have exclusive and additional benefits for $INS HOLDERS. The Upcoming project is PowerPacked with Features Like: Pre-sale, Buy & Refer Rewards, Holding Rewards, Rewards in BNB every 24 hours, Buy back feature, Lottery & Games, Own Dapp, Own wallet, Liquidity Lock System, Pre-sale Launchpad, Coin listing platform, Advertising & Promotions platform, Token Audit platform, Own DeCentralized Exchange, Recover and burn Feature to pull back the Price from the last drop

Phase 1 (Launch) Q2 2021:
Phase 2 :
AI BOT "QUASAR" DEPLOYED to TELEGRAM GROUP "GARGANTUA" The referral income and rewards Claim platform Deployed. Referral Rewards in BNB & $INS (ongoing) Marketing Push (to be done Mid Aug 2021)
Phase 3:
Parallel Project aka V2 Features Announcement (Aug 1st week 2021) Parallel Project V2 (launching Mid Aug 2021) Pre-Sales Launch of Project V2 Refer & Earn BNB Program. V2 & $INS Merger On Sale & Market Seeding of V2 (Aug Last week 2021)
Phase 4:
Buy Back Support for INS and Project V2 via V2 Features (1st week Sep 2021) V2 Holding Rewards Pool / Rewards claim start (sep week 3-4 2021) Rewards & Games launch V2 (Oct 2nd week 2021) Dapp Launch V2 (Oct last week - Nov 1st week 2021)
Phase 5:
V2's Coin listing platform (Nov Mid-last week 2021) Token Audit platform (Dec week 1-2 2021) Recover and burn Feature to pull back the Price from the last price drop (If needed) based on User polling and acceptance (Jan week-2 2021)
Phase 6:
V2's Liquidity Lock System for New or existing Projects / Tokens (Jan End 2022) V2 Pre-sale Launchpad for new projects / tokens (Feb week 1-2 2022) V2's Advertising & Promotions platform (March End - April Mid 2022)
Phase 7:
V2 DeX Launch (May Mid 2022) V2 Wallet Launch (June End 2022)
Phase 8:
Under Planning
Phase 9:
Under planning
Phase 10:
Under planning




Asked Questions

INS Coin is only available on Binance Smart Chain. To use Binance Smart Chain, you must configure your wallet to use the Binance Smart Chain network. Then you would need to own BNB tokens for gas fees. Finally you would need to swap for INS Token on an exchange like PancakeSwap. If you need Help you can contact support on Telegram or ask the community members on telegram

Ensure the slippage is at 12% and you will have no errors buying or selling. slippage percentage of 12% cannot be avoided

INS Coins are auto-staked via Advanced Auto-Farming feature. If you are holding INS Coins in your wallet it's all happening Automatically. The amount of your INS Coins will automatically increase as soon as you begin holding it. You can also stake INS Coins additionally by adding them back into the LP on pancakeswap or on the NFT farming (launching soon) to earn NFTs.

There is no APR or APY It's a way of gaining more profits. Now, when you Hold INS Coins in your wallet it goes into Auto-staking giving you returns other than the price gain. The more transactions there are in the market, the more you get from INS Coin's fees transactions. What you earn depends entirely on transactions on the blockchain and is equally distributed to all holders proportionate to the amount of INS Coins Held. So, You are gaining via multi dimensions. ONE the number of coins are increasing & TWO you are gaining on the market price.

INS has teams of Community Volunteers, Moderators & professional Developers. All, constantly working on social media, updates, partnerships and more. you will soon start seeing the results of it all. Please feel free to be a part of the team be it volunteers, Moderators or professional Devs.

No, Not yet. But, INS Coin is under process to be audited by techrate.org, EtherAuthority & CaptainJack. Anymore reputable auditor to inspect INS Coin then please let us know via the community.

The NFT farming is a place where you can stake INS Coins, as a benefit you earn points which you can use to buy NFTs, arts and collectibles. Take an example: you are a game player and you buy or get rewarded with a skin or an accessory those can be in a way compared to NFTs. Soon, we will post a handy guide at the NFT farming home page to help you further.

NFT Farming not initiated yet. But will be soon intiated.

NFT Farming is operated by Unifty.io and interactions with the NFTs are done through smart contracts created by Unifty.io. Should the INS Coin site go down, you can still interact with the service at https://unifty.io/bsc/farm-view.html?address=[FARM_CONTRACT_ADDRESS] or directly through smart contracts. If you need technical support for the NFT Farming, please contact Unifty.